Cluj County is located in the northwestern part of Romania, in the Transylvania region, bordering in parts on the Apuseni Mountains. With its capital being Cluj-Napoca, the county also offers one of the most important cultural, economic and scientific centers in Romania. Another attraction is the salt mine in Turda, just 31km from Cluj-Napoca, which is also worth a visit.

Cluj-Napoca: Mandili Trio Concert

16.08.2024: 20:00

Jazz in the Park 2024

30.08.2024 - 01.09.2024

Cluj-Napoca: Masters of sound - Hans Zimmer's music


Cluj-Napoca: Friends on a knife edge


Cluj-Napoca: waste land, science of disorder and nest of moths


It is one of the oldest and most famous salt mines in Transylvania and attracts a large amount of visitors every year. The mine, which has been shut down in 1932 due to outdated technology, was formed about 13.5 million years ago by a mix of shallow sea and a very hot tropical climate. Today, however, it offers the perfect trip for the whole family at cool 10-12 degrees.

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